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IFU – Rev

Product Type

Product Description

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IFU-008 Rev J Total Hip Ceramic Heads {IFU-008}
IFU-009 Rev E Total Hip BiPolar Heads {IFU-009}
IFU-010 Rev I Total Hip Cancellous Bone Screws {IFU-010}
IFU-011 Rev I

IFU-011-ES (Spanish) Rev B

IFU-011-IT (Italian) Rev B

IFU-011-PT (Portuguese) Rev B

Total Hip / Total Knee Instrument Sterilization {IFU-011}
IFU-012 Rev G Total Hip +10.5 Heads {IFU-012}
IFU-018 Rev H Total Hip K1 Hip Stems {IFU-018}
IFU-020 Rev E Total Knee APEX PS Knee System {IFU-020}
IFU-024 Rev C Total Hip / Total Knee X-Ray Templates {IFU-024}
IFU-025 Rev E Total Hip Interface Acetabular Hip System {IFU-025}
IFU-027 Rev H Total Hip ARC Monobloc Hip Stem {IFU-027}
IFU-028 Rev A Total Hip IMT Woodbecker Pnuematic Broach {IFU-028}
IFU-033 Rev B Total Hip CATH Insturment Tray {IFU-033}
IFU-034 Rev C OMNIBotics OMNIBotics Total Hip Application {IFU-034}
IFU-035 Rev G OMNIBotics OMNIBotics Tracker Kit {IFU-035}

IFU-036-FR (French) REV A 

Total Knee ART Application {IFU-036}

IFU-037-FR (French) REV A

Total Knee OMNIBotics Station {IFU-037}
IFU-038 REV C OMNIBotics OMNIBotics Station with iBlock Shipping Crate and first Setup {IFU-038}

IFU-039-EU (Europe) REV A

OMNIBotics OMNI ART and iBlock System Instrumentation {IFU-039}
IFU-040 rev F

IFU-040 EU (Europe) Rev A

OMNIBotics OMNIBotics BalanceBot Cleaning and Sterilization {IFU-040}
IFU-041 Rev A OMNIBotics Green Tracker Kit {IFU-041}
IFU-042 Rev C Total Hip Anseris Hip Stem {IFU-042}
IFU-043 Rev A Total Knee TiN Coated APEX Knee System {IFU-043}
IFU-4137-6000 Rev C OMNIBotics Navigated Distal Cutting Block {IFU-4137-6000}
IFU-4146-5400.1.0 Rev C OMNIBotics iBlock Saw Guide Very Short {IFU-4146-5400/1.0}
IFU-4161-5500.1.0 Rev C OMNIBotics Praxim Blade Guide {IFU-4161-5500/1.0}
IFU-HS-60097 Rev B OMNIBotics Use and Sterilization for HS-60097 {IFU-HS-60097}
INSERT-001 Rev AA Total Hip APEX Hip System Product Insert {INSERT-001}
INSERT-002 Rev N Total Knee APEX Knee System Package Insert {INSERT-002}
INSERT-004 Rev Q Total Knee APEX Knee System Product Insert w/CE Mark {INSERT-004}


Updated August 1st, 2018