Welcome to the Future of Total Knee Replacement


Designed to improve recovery time and long-term outcomes with advanced robotic technology.

What Makes a Successful Knee Replacement?

Total Knee Replacement has been performed successfully for over half a century. Yet, still 15-20% of patients remain unsatisfied with traditional knee replacement*. With OMNIBotics, we consider many factors to improve overall outcomes and return patients to a pain-free, active lifestyle.

Soft Tissue Balance

OMNIBotics total knee replacement is the only procedure that offers robotic assistance to soft tissue balancing.

Proper Joint Alignment

During an OMNIBotics procedure, joint alignment is closely monitored, and the procedure is customized to fit patient needs.

Advanced Implant Design

The APEX Knee System was designed to provide a well-fit, stable knee construct for all types of patients.

Dedicated Surgeons

OMNI is dedicated to providing surgeons and hospital staff with the latest tools to help improve patient outcomes.

*Gustke KA et. al. Increased Satisfaction After Total Knee Replacement Using Sensor-Guided Technology. Bone Joint J 2014;96-B:1333–8.

OMNI is now a part of Corin Group

OMNI was recently acquired by the UK International orthopaedic company Corin Group (“Corin”). Corin’s strategy is to revolutionize orthopaedics by gaining, understanding and sharing insight at every stage of the joint replacement experience. With Corin’s Optimized Positioning System (OPS) technology for total hip reconstruction, and OMNIBotics technology for total knee reconstruction, Corin is positioned to lead the orthopaedic industry through advanced technology.

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