About OMNI

Pioneering Robotic Orthopedics

*Update – March 2019: OMNI has been acquired by The Corin Group: an international company with a mission to revolutionize orthopedics through world-leading technologies and deep orthopedic insight. With the acquisition of OMNI, Corin can now off OMNIBotics advanced robotic technology for total knee replacement, one more step to furthering the mission. For more information about Corin, please visit www.coringroup.com

Since our founding in 1999, OMNI has grown from a start-up company that offered one hip replacement implant to a technological leader in surgical robotics. What drove our journey was our mission, which has always been to bridge the gap between proven traditional surgical procedures and cutting-edge technologies. Ingrained within our company is a passion to provide orthopedic surgeons with the latest enabling technologies to help their patients return to active and pain-free lives.

OMNI is headquartered outside of Boston with additional offices in Silicon Valley, two top breeding grounds of technological advancement. Our true belief is we make the finest implants and robotics in orthopedics. This has been accomplished through a company culture of listening to our customers and responding to their needs with dedicated excellence in product design, engineering expertise and precision manufacturing.

The latest example of our commitment to excellence is our flagship product, the OMNIBotics® Orthopedic Robotic System. It was one of the first robotic systems for knee replacement. The system has recently been upgraded with the BalanceBot™. It is the first robotic tool to allow a surgeon to measure the tension of the ligaments around the knee. With the BalanceBot™, surgeons can better align knee replacement implants to ensure they function in harmony (in balance) with the ligaments. The BalanceBot™ is a new technology, but in our first few thousand surgical cases, patients and surgeons have reported faster recovery, less pain and decreased opioid use.

OMNI employees are very proud that we are contributing to these meaningful patient results. It fuels our passion for our company and drives us to develop the next generation of surgical technologies to improve the lives of our surgeons and their patients.