OMNIBotics Virtual Surgery

OMNIBotics Virtual Surgery

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Customize Total Knee Procedures without the need for costly CT or MRI scans

Predictive Balance™ Technique

Alignment. Balance. Minimal Releases

The OMNIBotics Predictive Balance™ technique utilizes the new BalanceBot robotic ligament tensioner to create a surgical plan that can preduct resulting soft tissue balance, in order to avoid unreliable and invasive soft tissue releases/manipulations. Limiting manipulations may result in faster healing, less pain, and a better long term outcomes. 


OMNIBotics Bone Morphing®

Real-time capture of patient anatomy without use of CT or MRI

Since every patient offers unique knee anatomy, patented OMNIBotics Bone Morphing technology will generate a unique 3D digital model of a patient’s knee with a high level of accuracy and precision. All anatomic data is acquired intra-operatively in an intuitive fashion. There is no requirement for any pre-operative imaging such as CT scans or MRIs, reducing the risk of radiation exposure for patients and scheduling costs.

Virtual Implant Planning

Plan implant positioning and view bone cuts before making resections

OMNIBotics "Virtual Surgery" allows the physician to both plan the APEX Knee™ implant position and size intra-operatively and also to visualize planned bone cuts before they are made. This helps ensure that the surgeon can provide tailor made resections for every patient. The digital plan is used to determine the position of the robotic cutting guides, and can easily be adjusted in real-time, even after the cutting guides have already been attached to the patient.

Adaptable and Customizable Workflow

Customizable profile for each surgeon and surgery type

OMNIBotics software has been designed to accommodate a near limitless combination of surgical techniques. This system offers the freedom to program a profile for every case, providing options for bone resection sequencing, instrument selection, anatomical landmark references, and many more. The workflow can also be adapted intra-operatively to meet the demands of a multitude of situations.

OMNIBotics Virtual Surgery
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OMNIBotic Total Knee Arthroplasty software featured in the OMNIBotics helps create precise femoral planning and implant alignment.