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OMNI Appoints Richard D. Randall as Chief Executive Officer

OMNI announces Richard D. Randall has been appointed Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. George Cipolletti will remain intimately involved in the OMNI business, transition into the role of Chief Technology Officer, and remain on the Board of Directors. 

Mr. Randall brings more than 25 years of broad chief executive experience running emerging medical device firms. Businesses under his direct leadership have achieved $1.5 billion in value creation from initial public offerings of stock or mergers and acquisitions.

George B. Cipolletti commented, "I am thrilled to be able to transition my CEO responsibilities to Rick and am confident that he is the right choice at this critical time to continue our efforts in creating products and technologies that deliver the best possible outcomes for patients. The OMNI family and our Board of Directors have expressed their complete support for Rick and his ability to lead OMNI into a bright future."

Over 4,000 OMNIPlasty Procedures Performed in United States

The popularity of Total Knee Robotic Surgery is on the rise: over 4,000 successful OMNIPlasty™ procedures have been performed in the United States, and counting.

OMNIPlasty is the only navigation driven robotic total knee procedure available in the U.S. This procedure has been clinically proven to increase surgeon's accuracy of leg alignment, which may result in improved implant function and longevity*. To find out more about the OMNINAV™ platform, click here.

*Clarke, "Robotic vs Computer assisted Navigation in TKA, Intraoperative Efficiency and Accuracy", ISRN Orthopedics Colume 2013, Article ID 794827
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