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APEX Knee™ Celebrates it's Ten Year Anniversary

OMNI is proud to announce the ten year anniversary of the APEX Knee™ System. Ten years ago, the first APEX Knee replacement procedures were performed in Oklhahoma City, OK. Since then, over 75,000 APEX Knee procedures have been performed worldwide. 

Advanced materials and design features have enabled the APEX Knee to achieve an overall survivorship of 99.5%, superior to the other systems currently on the market.* This success should continue as more knees are used with OMNIBotics®, OMNI's advanced robotic-assisted technology for total knee arthroplasty. OMNIBotics is the leading technology of its kind available, with more than 10,000 OMNIBotics procedures performed worldwide.

*Australian Orthopaedic Association National Joint Replacement Registry. Annual Report. Adelaide: AOA; 2016

OMNI Moves to New Facilities in Raynham MA


OMNI is pleased to announce their move to a brand new corporate headquarters in Raynham, moving from the previous location in East Taunton. This 40,000 sq ft facility was built specifically for OMNI's needs, and has enough space to accommodate the company's future growth.

The new headquarters building features 1,000 sq. ft. training room which will allow OMNI to host educational and training events onsite, enhanced office space, increased warehouse space, a full functional machine shop, and a private parking area. 

The office is located at 480 Paramount Drive, Raynham MA, 02767. Phone numbers remain the same.

OMNI's Santa Clara, CA office address and phone numbers also remain the same. Contact Us

OMNIBotics®: Precision You Can Feel

OMNIBotics Robotic-assisted Total Knee Replacement is a state-of-the-art procedure that combines specialized tools and patented technology with advanced robotics to help surgeons place and fit implants with greater accuracy compared to conventional approaches.

Much like we rely on GPS to help us get to our destination, robotic-assisted surgery maps out the precise positioning for the implant according to each patient's individual anatomy. The robotic-assisted cutting guide enables the surgeon to prepare the bone to the exact specifications to help ensure accurate placement and optimal results.

*Koulalis D, O'Loughlin PF, Plaskos C, Kendoff D, Cross MB, Pearle AD, Sequential versus automated cutting guides in computer-assisted total knee arthroplasty. Knee. 2011 Dec;18(6): 436-42
OMNI: Precision in Mobility
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