Intelligent Instrumentation

Intuitive Surgical Tools for Robotic-Assisted Surgery

OMNIBotics instrumentation and hardware is designed to optimize surgical workflow, carry a small footprint in the operating room, and limit the number of instrumentats required for total knee arthroplasty.

BalanceBot™ Soft-Tissue Balancer

New robotic ligament tension device allows surgeons to measure and predict soft tissue balance.

The BalanceBot™ is the world’s first robotic soft-tissue balancer. It acts like a robotic laminar spreader to measure soft-tissue tension throughout motion before making any femoral resections. This information is sent to the computer to plan an implant placement that will balance the joint gaps and soft-tissue tension. This results in a well-aligned and balanced knee while frequently lessening soft-tissue releases.
After femoral resections, the BalanceBot™ is used to help determine which insert thickness will provide the best balance.

OMNIBot™ Femoral Resection Guide

Robotic Cutting Guide for OMNIBotics Total Knee Replacement 

The OMNIBot™ is a patient-mounted apparatus that robotically positions a single resection slot to perform all femoral resections according to the surgeon’s plan. Compared to conventional 4-in-1 resection guides, the single slot of the OMNIBot™ is more time efficient and improves surgeon visibility of the bone and surrounding soft-tissues.
These robotic tools are the foundations of the Predictive Balance™ Technique

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