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Advancing Robotic-Assisted Joint Replacement

At OMNI, proven implant designs, advanced technologies, and ideas are considered and thoroughly researched and tested before any action is taken. We take pride in offering implants, robotic instrumentation, and technology based solutions that we may confidently put into the operating room.

OMNIBotics® Total Knee Replacement

Pioneering Robotic-assisted Knee Replacement Technology

OMNI is a pioneer in robotic-assisted total knee replacement with over 9 years of clinical follow-up and the only technology to include predictive balancing with active ligament tensioning and robotics in a single system.


Miniature Robotics with BIG RESULTS

Providing the benefits of robotics without interrupting the normal flow of the surgery in the OR.

Patented robotic instrumentation and mobile workstation provide:

  • The ability to use same equipment in multiple OR suites
  • Accuracy in femoral bone cuts, improving implant alignment and overall implant survivorship.
  • Quantitative measurement of knee ligament tension and balance before and after femoral resections

OMNIBotics Predictive Balance™

In addition to properly aligning the knee joint, soft tissue balance is essential to achieving a successful knee replacement. With 15-20% of patients unsatisfied with traditional manual total knee replacement, studies show that patients with a well-balanced knee are 96.7% satisfied.

With the BalanceBot™, the surgeon is able to intraoperatively measure soft tissue balance, and plan bone cuts to achieve the desired balance throughout range of knee motion. Predictive Balance Technology™ is able to predict the resulting ligament tension before cuts are performed, reducing the extent of soft tissue releases required to achieve a balanced knee. Reduced trauma to the soft tissues may reduce local inflammatory responses, post-operative pain, and the time to reach functional recovery milestones.


Industry Proven Implant Design

By combining the long-term survivorship of the APEX Knee™ System with the accuracy and reproducibility of OMNIBotics®, both surgeon and patient can expect significant advantages when compared to other knee replacement procedures.

APEX Knee:

  • 99% survivorship at 10 years
  • Optimized contact with advanced EtO sterilized compression molded GUR-1050 polyethylene
  • Bone preserving APEX PS™ design

†Data on file at OMNI