Genoa woman steps more lively after new device helps replace knee

December 4, 2017

Viroqua, WI – December 4th, 2017 /LaCrosse Tribune/ — Vernon Memorial Healthcare further cemented its reputation as a destination for knee replacement when Dr. Jeffrey Lawrence became one of the first surgeons in the country to use a new robotic device to give a patient who had been hobbled in pain more giddy-up in her step.

Lawrence, an orthopedic surgeon on the staff of the Gundersen Viroqua Clinic who also does surgeries at Vernon Memorial, used an OMNIBotics Active Spacer robotic tissue balancing device to help replace 66-year-old retiree Diane Froh’s right knee in October.

Between Froh’s surgery to replace her left knee in June and the October operation, Vernon Memorial had been able to add the spacer device to its arsenal of tools for Lawrence to use in its Viroqua Center for Orthopaedic Surgery. That center is a collaboration between Gundersen and Vernon Memorial.

“Surgery went great,” Froh said last week. “I woke up ready to get up and start exercising my new knee. I had very little pain, used a lot less pain meds and did not need morphine at all. I was up about and ready to go home the next afternoon.”

Unlike the three-week recovery period Froh had had in June, she said, “Therapy went so well that it was hard to hold back at week one. With my knee feeling so great, I had a tendency to overdo it, which my body reminded me I still needed to rest, ice and take care of myself.”

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