Corporate Compliance


A fundamental principle at OMNI is that we practice integrity and honesty in all of our business dealings. We take pride in providing the highest quality products while operating our business with the utmost level of ethical standards and adherence to all applicable laws and regulations. Our Compliance Department helps ensure that we honor this commitment.

Code of Conduct:

It is crucial to OMNI that we earn trust from our patients, customers, and employees every single day. We understand that our individual decisions determine the strength and character of OMNI as a whole. Our Code of Conduct establishes policies and procedures intended to guide employees, officers and directors in the performance of their duties and responsibilities and ensure compliance with the Company’s commitment to ethical and lawful conduct. [PDF]


In addition to OMNI’s own Code of Conduct, we support and abide by the Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health Care Professionals published by Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed), which is intended to facilitate ethical interactions with Health Care Professionals. AdvaMed Code of Ethics [PDF].

Fraud and Abuse Laws:

Reimbursement for OMNI products may come from Federal Health Care programs such as Medicare or Medicaid. As a result, specific federal and state fraud and abuse laws including but not limited to: the Federal Anti-kickback Statute (“AKS”); Foreign Corrupt Practices Act; False Claims Act; Federal Physician Payment Sunshine Act; and equivalent state laws apply and govern OMNI and its employees, agents, contractors and other entities that conduct business with OMNI.

Our Compliance Department assists with and monitors OMNI’s interactions with any health care professional or individual involved in the provision of health care services of any kind, to effectuate compliance with the aforementioned laws and regulations.

Surgeon Collaboration:

OMNI enhances the quality of people’s lives by providing innovative products that respond to, and improve upon, existing implants’ clinical or surgical limitations. An integral part of this process is collaborating with our trusted orthopedic surgeon consultants. We rely on our consultants to provide the insight and expertise necessary to deliver cutting edge solutions and ensure patient safety.

OMNI may engage a surgeon consultant for a variety of business needs including: consulting, research, product development, education or training, for which they may receive compensation. Our compliance policies govern and document this process from start to finish to ensure that all collaborations with surgeons are in furtherance of legitimate OMNI business needs.

For a list of the OMNI surgeon collaborators, Click Here..

Report a Violation:

OMNI is committed to compliance. If you are an employee or associate of OMNI, you assume the responsibility as a matter of policy to report any suspected or known violations immediately.
The following means of reporting any known or suspected violation are as follows:

Complete the Compliance Report [PDF]
Call or fax the Compliance Department directly:
Hotline: 1-774-226-1801
Fax: 1-774-961-3578
Elizabeth Hanks, Esq.
Compliance Officer and Legal Counsel

Employees may report suspected or actual violations or legal issues anonymously. Please note that we make every effort to protect your anonymity and retaliation against that individual is strictly prohibited for any employee making a good faith report.

Compliance Contacts:

To raise a concern or ask a question about an ethics, legal or compliance issue, please contact the Compliance Officer listed above.