About OMNIBotics

About OMNIBotics

Why OMNIBotics?

  • Optimal implant placement for improved longevity
  • Enables surgery specific to your condition and anatomy.
  • Gives the surgeon flexibility to make fine-tuned adjustments during the operation.
  • Couples robotic technology with high performance implants to help minimize the chance of ever needing further surgery.
  • Facilitates significant improvement in joint function.
  • No costly pre-operative CT scan required.


OMNIBotic total knee replacement is a procedure that uses robotic technology to optimize implant placement. The system is driven by a modern surgical platform that allows the surgeon to meticulously plan and execute a procedure that is specific to each individual patient. Coupled with advanced implant designs that are focused on high performance criteria, OMNIBotic surgery helps restore normal joint function.

Patient Specific Surgery

OMNIBotic surgery uses a patented OMNIBotics Bone Morphing™ technology that quickly builds a 3D model of the patient’s knee during surgery.  The surgeon can safely and accurately plan his bone resections and implant placement based on each patient’s anatomy.  Once the implant position is optimized, the system will position the cutting guides. The surgeon is not dependent on making a pre-operative plan based on CT scans, or X-rays, therefore saving the patient from unnecessary exposure to high amounts of radiation.

Precise Leg Alignment

Well-defined algorithms and adjustable resection guides enable the surgeon to accurately reconstruct the mechanical axis of the patient’s leg.  APEX Robotic Technology™ software works alongside a proprietary robotic cutting guide to plan and execute femoral resections. This advanced technology allows the surgeon to reproduce the leg’s mechanical axis quickly and easily. During surgery, a real time assessment of limb alignment and soft tissue tension can be made for surgeons to verify that their surgery was executed to plan.


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About OMNIBotics
OMNIBotic surgery is a Robotic-assisted procedure that uses robotics to optimize implant placement. Coupled with advanced implant designs that are focused on high performance criteria, OMNIBotic surgery is intended to help restore normal joint function.