Stackable Tibia Augments

Unique "waffled" tibia augment enables surgeon to best fit tibia geometry

The "waffled" design of the distal surface on the revision tibia tray allows any size augment to be stacked on another. The augments are secured with a central locking bolt, so the augment sizes can be tapered to fit the shape of the tibia. The grooves on the distal surface become the cement pocket for implant fixation.

Advanced Post + Cam Support

Proportionally sized post and cam interface ensures high level of support.

The posterior stabilizing post and cam system are designed to provide a high level of support through flexion. The entire APEX Knee™ System incorporates tibia inserts that are always size matched to the femoral component. This matching ensures ideal contact between the femoral component and tibia insert, in order to reduce contact stresses on the insert. Tibia insert size can vary relative to tray size in order to allow the tibia tray with the best possible coverage of the tibia plateau to be used with an insert that conforms to the femoral component.

APEX Revision Knee System
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The APEX Revision Knee System provides surgeons with a variety of options to best fit the patient anatomy during difficult knee revision surgery.