Redefining the PS Knee "Box Cut"

Cylindrical resection removes significantly less bone than standard PS systems.*

Traditional "box cuts" use several straight saw cuts that are both imprecise and leave sharp edges that may create undesirable stress in the femur.

The APEX PS™ cylindrical resection resides in the intracondylar fossa, resecting less bone, while still providing clearance for the PS post. This resection also leaves a smooth resection with no sharp edges, eliminating potential stress risers and distributing the forces evenly and effectively.

*Data on file at OMNIlife science, inc.

Eliminate "Patella Clunk"

Elongated patella track provides excellent stability.

In typical PS designs, the patella can travel through about 50° of flexion along the femoral trochlear groove, before contact with the intercondylar notch. Interference between the patella and the notch has been associated with “patella clunk” and premature patella wear.

The APEX PS femoral component offers 80° of uninterrupted patella tracking, providing patella contact throughout normal gait.

Simple, Effective Instrumentation

Easy transition from cruciate retaining surgical technique.

To transition from the APEX CR construct to PS, there is only one additional step in the surgical procedure: The PS Guide and reamer are a simple two-piece construct that complete the PS Knee resection.

The APEX PS Knee box cut geometry grows proportionally with femoral size, minimizing bone loss without compromising stability.

Support Only When Necessary

No post contact during normal gait ensures natural kinematics.

The PS Knee's post and cam system engages at 80 degrees of flexion, with no contact during normal gait. This allows consistent tibiofemoral contact, and reduces the amount of wear on the poly. The post is rounded to alleviate point contact, and further decreasing wear potential.

In cases where additional varus/valgus support is needed, constrained (PS-C) inserts are available, ensuring the joint stability.

OMNI Knee Replacement - APEX PS Knee
APEX PS Knee reconstructive system provides maximum stability with minimal sacrifice.