Surgical Adjustability

Proven Stem Design meets intelligent modular construct.

The geometry of the K1 stem body is identical to its sister product, the K2 Modular Stem. As a result, the surgeon can switch from the Monoblock K1 to Modular K2 intra-operatively, without further bone preparation, should patient anatomy dictate a need for independent selection of lateral offset, vertical height or version.

Dual Press™ Modular Junction

Patented design essentially creates a one-piece stem

The K2 utilizes the OMNI Dual Press™ modular junction. This unique construct offers the ability to independently choose stem size, neck offset, version angles, and head size. This allows surgeons to precisely address patient specific anatomical needs.

Once fully assembled, there is no gap between the stem and neck, creating a durable construct similar to monoblock designs. This is different from traditional modular hip systems, which have space between the neck/stem junction, leaving a potential weak point on the construct. 

"Square Peg in a Round Hole"

Design based on Dual Tapered Rectangular philosophy, with over 30 years of success

Inspired by the clinically proven design of the Zymueller dual-tapered stem, the K1 and K2 Hip System builds on the philosophy of a dual-tapered trapezoidal stem geometry that facilitates primary fixation and rotational stability.

The enhanced metaphyseal dimensions of the stem are designed to provide additional resistance to torsional loads. The trapezoidal cross- sectional profile inherently establishes solid purchase in cortical bone to facilitate primary fixation. Combined with the broach-only surgical technique, the stem’s geometry is also intended to preserve intramedullary vascularization.

Broach Only Technique

Using a broach only technique preserves intramedullary bone and assists implant stability.

The K1 and K2 Hip System incorporates an impaction broach-only surgical technique, preserving the intramedullary bone and providing a solid foundation for the implant to seat. Also available, is the IMT Woodpecker™ pneumatic broaching system, making the broaching process easier and quicker. 

The elongated K2 Midstem™ is also available for revision cases, and also features the same broaching technique.

OMNI K1-K2 Hip Replacement System
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The OMNI K1-K2 series adds flexibility to the clinically proven dual tapered rectangular hip stem. By introducing the Dual Press™ modular junction in the K2, surgeons have a variety of offset and leg length options to best fit patients' individual needs.