ApeX-LNK™ Highly Cross-linked Polyethylene

ApeX-LNK Acetabular liners  specifically formulated  to optimize performance in hip replacement. 

Highly cross-linked polyethylene is rapidly becoming the gold standard material for hip replacement bearing surfaces. OMNI's patent pending process for the production of its proprietary ApeX-LNK Highly Cross-linked polyethylene acetabular cup liners represents the state of the art in polyethylene technology for orthopaedic applications.

Not all highly cross-linked polyethylene is the same. The ApeX-LNK process provides 88% wear reduction in hip simulator testing compared to standard polyethylene*. The patent pending ApeX-LNK annealing and packaging system virtually eliminates free radicals and prevents oxidation. You can be confident that ApeX-LNK Polyethylene is optimally cross linked, packaged, and sterilized for performance and safety.

Immediate Fixation

OMNIgrip-Ti™ porous coating ensures fixation upon impaction

OMNI Interface™ shells are titanium alloy treated with a unique dual layer of CP-Titanium particles: an inner layer of spherical beads covered with irregular shaped beads which are then sintered together to form a coating that is both highly porous (58%) and exceptionally rough. This BioPhasic surface has excellent porosity for both osseointegration and initial stability.

BioFlare™ and Hemispherical Options Available

True hemispherical and rim-flared shells use same instrumentation

OMNI Interface™ Cups features a proportional rim flare for peripheral loading and increased initial implant-to-bone stability. This slightly flared edge engages the cortical bone on the rim of the acetabulum, ensuring peripheral loading on good bone, and increased initial implant to bone stability.

Hemispherical cups are available, for the surgeon who prefers a true hemi shell design. Both shells can be implanted via the Interface instrumentation, and share the same the intelligent design.

Advanced Locking Mechanism

Locking taper design delivers excellent liner retention

Acetabular implant design has often been a compromise between liner retention and congruency. The OMNI Interface Acetabular System employs a locking taper design that delivers excellent liner retention with excellent congruency. Improved surface contact between liner and shell results in fewer gaps, significantly reducing potential for poly debris generation. The locking mechanism also allows precise orientation of hooded liners. 

* Data on file at OMNIlife science, inc. 

Interface Acetabular System
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The OMNI Interface Acetabular System uses an advanced shell design combined with highly cross-linked polyethylene liners to ensure a stable Hip Replacement construct.