Intelligent Instruments for OMNIBotics Surgery

Intelligent Instruments for OMNIBotics Surgery


Robotic Cutting Guide for OMNIBotics Total Knee Replacment™ 

The iBlock is an evolution in navigation and robotic technology for total knee arthroplasty offering highly accurate positioning of the femoral cutting guide. It is a motorized cutting guide mounted directly to the patient that positions a saw guide for every femoral cut according to the surgeon's plan. This eliminates the need to manually position and pin any conventional cutting jigs, which can introduce errors in alignment and implant fit.


With other computer-assisted TKA procedures, attempting to navigate conventional cutting guides can often introduce errors in the final position of the jig with no capability to adjust the alignment without repositioning the guide. The NanoBlock simply allows the surgeon to attach the cut guide in approximate position and then fine-tune the alignment to match the surgical plan with the aid of the OMNIBotics knee software.

OMNIBotics Computer Station

Mobile workstation includes full touch display, plus tough laptop for switching between multiple stations.

The new, robust OMNIBotics station is fully prepared for the operating room. With an interactive touch screen facing the surgeon and patient, surgical protocol is determined with a touch of the finger. An extended foot pedal allows the surgeon to move through the procedure step by step. The software runs off of a tough laptop, designed to withstand transport to and from workstations.


Intelligent Instrumentation for Robotic-Assisted Surgery
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The OMNIBotic procedure utilizes several intellegent instruments to conduct Robotic Assisted Total Knee Replacement. The iBlock is a motorized guide that helps ensure the accuracy of the femoral cuts and alignment. The NanoBlock is a versatile component, used with the APEX Robotic Technology for minute adjustments in the saw capture position.